Aspergers and Me

Hello world.  I want to start sharing some of my experiences with Asperger syndrome.  I made an attempt to get started with the February Blogging 101 course but my university commitments and other things got in the way.  I have signed up for the course again but I’m already falling a little behind, so I’m going to try to catch up a bit.

I want to try to explain a little about having Aspergers.  Asperger syndrome is a type of autism; it’s a lifelong condition that affects my ability to relate to other people.  It also affects my ability to manage my own time and tends to draw me into a narrow, withdrawn lifestyle.  It is frustrating in that I want to be sociable and have fun, but it creates some powerful inhibitions that keep me trapped inside my own head.

I have had some success at overcoming it; I am currently making my way through a degree in Space Systems Engineering at Southampton University; I expect to get a 2:1 based on my recent exam performance.  I have had a bit of success with surfing and I have even gone so far as to do a skydive on a couple of occasions (it’s an awesome feeling but you have to be absolutely bonkers to do it!).