Considering my Audience

Today’s (technically yesterday’s) task for Blogging 101 was to write a post to a specific audience, and include a type of content that I hadn’t included before. The aim, as I read it, is to get me to understand who I’m writing for, which I admit is something I haven’t thought about much yet. One of my goals here though is to help share a greater understanding of Asperger Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorders; slightly selfishly, I also want to help people around me—perhaps including potential future employers—to understand my condition (which reminds me that I sent a link to this blog to one such potential employer just the other day!).

In terms of the task, though, I’ve realised that I already wrote such a post last month, as a sort of thank you letter to my friends in the surfing and skydiving clubs at university for how welcomed and accepted I’ve felt over recent months. I’m therefore going to count this task as done for now, and something to reflect on and perhaps revisit over the next few days. 🙂


Blogging 101

Hi everyone. Today I’m giving the Blogging 101 course another try. I had tried this a few months ago, but unfortunately university got in the way. Since then I’ve made a few posts of my own but I haven’t been blogging as frequently as I had wanted. I’m done for the year now, though, so hopefully I’ll be able to devote more time to things like this.

For anyone new to my blog: I have Asperger Syndrome, I’m studying Space Systems Engineering at Southampton, and I occasionally like to jump out of perfectly serviceable aeroplanes. I’m also dabbling with surfing, and I’ve got a week at a surf camp in France with the university surfing club coming up just next week. 🙂 As you will be able to see from my last post I’m having a rather good time here, but it hasn’t always been this easy. Blogging about and sharing my experiences was a new years’ resolution this year and this time round I hope to have the time to do it properly.

Blogging U.