It’s Been a While Since I Last Posted Here

It’s been a while since I last posted here, and it’s about time I got things started again. Last time I was getting frustrated with a housing problem that was holding me back; that has now been sorted out but it has left me unable to do much over the summer.

I have re-enrolled in Blogging 101 once again. In the past it seems there has always been something to get in the way of me finishing the course; last time it was a surfing trip to France. It was fun, but it was based at a campsite with limited power and internet, and besides I was busy trying to enjoy the week I had there. I don’t expect to have much else to do for the next few weeks and this time around Blogging 101 conveniently finishes just before the start of the new academic year. This year I have also enrolled in Writing 101 so I can build a more regular writing habit.

As I have mentioned before, one of the reasons I’m writing this blog is because I want to share some of my experiences of life and Asperger syndrome, to raise awareness amongst other people (particularly potential future employers), to encourage and to hopefully inspire. My experiences should help to dispel some of the preconceptions people sometimes have about people with autistic spectrum disorders and disabilities generally.

I also want to seek out some support myself, particularly to find a way to bring in a bit more money so I can afford to go on more adventures. I usually have enough money to get along, but it’s during the summer that I seem to start getting into problems, ironically when I want to be able to start exploring. This year I had hoped to get either an internship or a job, but unfortunately I ended up getting neither. This has been very frustrating. With my final year of university coming up soon I need to be careful about what I commit to though.

In the meantime, I want to get the rest of my life back on track too. I used to be quite active, working out and going swimming regularly; as someone pointed out in a comment a while ago I like to live an adventurous life when university doesn’t get in the way. I feel a craving to get active again, like my life is in sepia and I need to get back into full colour.


4 thoughts on “It’s Been a While Since I Last Posted Here

  1. Glad you finally got to enroll in Blogging 101. This is my first time doing any of the free classes offered by wordpress. I can’t wait to get started! (Well I guess we already have started 😉 )

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