A goal for this blog

I’m trying to write something for today’s Writing 101 task but I’m struggling for inspiration. I think I’ve been pushing myself a bit too hard over the past couple of days and might have over-stretched the creative side of my brain a bit, so today I’m taking it easy.

One of the things I want to do with this blog is to attempt to address some of the problems and challenges people with Asperger syndrome can encounter, based on my own experiences. I follow a couple of Autism/Aspergers pages on Facebook and sometimes see posts asking for advice where I think I can help. This might take a bit of time though, making notes about points I want to make, perhaps researching a bit, before I can draft a post. This relates to today’s Blogging 101 task, but is something I’m going to have to leave to one side for now and return to later. It’s possible I might not be able to find time for it at all once university starts up again, though I hope this isn’t the case.

I went for a walk around Southampton Common this afternoon and encountered this rather charming cygnet. Unfortunately I didn’t take any bread with me but there were some children about with bread, which sparked a bit of a feeding frenzy.

Can I have some bread?
Can I have some bread?
All of the ducks, and a good deal of other birds too
All of the ducks, and a good deal of other birds too
Map of the Common
Map of the Common

The map of the common ties up nicely with the theme of today’s writing task. That’s handy. 🙂


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