Coffee Update

Writing 101, Day 10: Update your readers over a cup of coffee

Mmmmm… Coffee 😉

I’ve let my Writing 101 and Blogging 101 tasks slip over the past few days. I’ve got several tasks to catch up on from both of them and I hope to get through at least some of them over the next few days. Meanwhile, I’ve come back to my Dad’s house for the weekend before term starts and this morning I enjoyed a cup of coffee and some cuddles with our cat, Sassy. Sassy also likes coffee, although apparently it isn’t good for her.

I’m compiling a list of tasks I’ve missed so far from Blogging 101 and Writing 101 and I hope to cover a few of them over the weekend. The problem I’m having is that whereas while I was keeping up I had only one task to do for each, now I’ve built up a backlog I find myself trying to juggle several at once. Although I’m already behind I need to slow things down a bit and take things one at a time or I’m going to get further behind.

So far I’ve got the following to do:

For Blogging 101:

  • Write an ‘about’ page
  • Be a good neighbour: share a few comments on other blogs
  • Write a post based on one of my comments
  • Set up a ‘blogroll’ of blogs I follow (I was hoping to do that anyway)

For Writing 101:

  • ‘The space to write’: on what I use to write with and how (drafted already), then set up a poll or contact form for ideas to write about
  • ‘Expand a comment’: this sounds similar to one of the Blogging 101 tasks!
  • Write an open letter

That’s about five and a half tasks in total once duplicates are consolidated, and it’s potentially a lot of writing. I’m not going to push myself too hard, especially as the start of term is nearing, but I’ll do what I can.


3 thoughts on “Coffee Update

  1. You really got a task ahead, but just take it easy one at a time so you can do it well. It’s not really going to be a difficult one since there are other bloggers who have attempted it. Just explore and you see that it’s fun. I wish you good speed. you will make it.

  2. Adam,


    I’m too am behind on both Blogging 101 and Writing 101 assignments. The author Anne Lamott wrote of a time when her brother had a book report on birds due the next day that he hadn’t even started. His father calmly told him to “Take it bird by bird, buddy.”

    So here we go! Post by post, buddy!

    WE CAN DO IT!!!!

    Good luck!


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