Writing 101: Opening the Floor

One of the tasks for Writing 101 last week was to set up a poll or contact form to source some ideas for a future blog post so I’m opening the floor for some ideas. One of the areas I had originally intended to write on was Asperger Syndrome and how it affects me; I might also be able to offer some suggestions and advice based on my own experience. I have gone from shy, withdrawn and hopeless to social success, scoring consistent 2:1 grades at university and even occasionally jumping out of aeroplanes for fun, so I figure I’ve probably got something useful to say. Alternately, I could share some experiences of the other things I get up to.

I must admit, this makes me a bit nervous as it sets up an obligation to respond. With Freshers’ Week this week, and university term itself starting the week after, I’m not going to have as much free time to write as I have done over the past two weeks (and I’ve already got a bit behind with things). At the moment I’m just collecting ideas for future posts and I don’t want to commit myself until I’m sure I will have the time for it. For now, I’m going to look on this as something to try out and see if it fits in with my life.

I’ve set up a contact form (https://adamelkins500.wordpress.com/contact/); alternately, leave a comment below and I’ll respond if I can. 🙂


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