Send Me to Space University: GoFundMe Page Launched

I’ve left it a bit too long following my last post on my search for funding for my attendance at ISU. But I’ve got good news: I’ve secured most of the funding I need! I now need only to secure a small further amount to cover what’s left of the fees, plane tickets and associated expenses, and generally keep me afloat while I’m there. To find this I’ve just set up a GoFundMe donation campaign, with a goal of just £750 to cover all these three things. That’s small compared to some of the campaigns I’ve seen, and I’m hopeful that I should be able to raise it fairly quickly.

The total breaks down as follows: the first £250 is to cover what’s left of the course fees, based on recent exchange rates. The flights there and back from Bristol Airport come to about £170-£180 plus booking fees. Finally, although accommodation and meals are provided, I need to cover some regular costs like car insurance to make sure I don’t go over my overdraft limit (even though I won’t be using my car there), as I’m already a long way into my overdraft and the benefits I’m on at the moment won’t be available while I’m on the course.

I’m normally reluctant to ask for financial help like this unless I’m really desperate, but I’ve decided to do so this time as it’s a small amount and it’s apparent that there is some willingness to help. The support I’ve received so far has opened my eyes to the possibility that some of my beliefs about money might not be accurate and this is something I’m keen to explore further: being accepted into ISU shows I’m more capable than I previously thought, and if I can raise this much this quickly then there may be other opportunities that I have been missing out on, particularly if I apply my talents to them.

I’m keen to get some feedback on my campaign, particularly if there’s something I could improve or if I’m making a rookie error. This is my first attempt at something like this and there’s probably much that I have to learn. I’ll be posting updates from time to time to promote my campaign and provide updates on my progress and I’ll try to put a widget here on my blog to show the latest total (unfortunately GoFundMe widgets don’t play nice with WordPress).

Money has been a source of anxiety for me for a long time now, and has prevented me from doing many of the things I wanted to do with my life. Now I’ve got something to look forward to—something big—and I’ve almost got enough together to go. Hopefully this is just the beginning and I’ll be able to use what I learn there, and the connections I make, to start making my own contribution to the world.


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